12 Corazones is A Spanish-language dating show where 12 bachelors, generally four males and eight females only identified by their zodiac sign.

The contestants have to perform stunts, sing songs or perform some other comedy act. Along the way, players are eliminated.

The show ends when the two remaining people are united.


Telemundo: 2004–Present


Promofilm, Inc.


Penelope Menchaca
Edward'O (2004–Present)
Maximiliano Palacio (2010–Present)


Twelve contestants, each of them born under a different zodiac sign, take part. There is always four of one gender, and eight of another.

Since the show is aimed at women, the Menchaca is always on their side (often mocking the men, baiting them to make them look dumb, and praising the ladies when they ridicule them). The true object of this, however, is to find the most suitable man and make him appear, for if any of the male contestants are mature, they will prove so by not resorting to petty insults. They will good-naturedly take all the ridicule and try to win a 'heart' with charm instead. Most episodes commonly feature a themed format, often involving the contestants (and often, host Penelope Menchaca, as well) in costume; themes used on 12 Corazones include beach-themed episodes in which contestants appear in beachwear, and a beauty pageant-style themed episodes, among others.

The game is played in three rounds:

Round 1Edit

The men interact in a mock play following their introduction, or perform a stunt relating to their ridicule. Menchaca then begins a roundtable of a certain subject. The first group is then taken out of the room, and the second group eliminates one of their contestants.

Round 2Edit

In this round, a chosen male or female from the main group is eliminated. Soon afterward, the male or female suitors are introduced (identified by their astrological sign, hometown and occupation; though this portion sometimes is not included), the host then chooses a contestant of each group to interact in a closer way, for example dancing, kissing, etc. To decide what kind of interaction will take place, the host uses some sort of game like a "roulette of kisses", or two special dice. This is followed by a second roundtable of discussion. Then, each of the male contestants eliminates a female contestant of the other group. This leaves only three contestants in the main group and five contestants on the group of suitors.

Round 3Edit

In this round, the host picks a contestant of the second group who is supposed to pick their heart among the male or female contestants. The contestant chosen has the option to accept or reject. The rules of the show allow the contestant of the second group to pick their heart among the contestants from the first group who have already chosen another person from the second group (an example occurred in an episode originally broadcast on January 20, 2011, in which the same male contestant was chosen by each of the five remaining female suitors; the male contestant chose each of the females, effectively rejecting the previously chosen females in the process, also as per the rules of the show).

Instances in which a person from the first group chooses the person from the second over the person they have already chosen do occur from time to time, but less commonly in episodes in which the first group consists of four females at the start of the show.

Final RoundEdit

After the couples are chosen, the audience votes for their favorite. Menchaca then calls the winner by the color chair they are sitting in. The winners get a free paid date courtesy of the show. When the winner is chosen, they get to kiss again in front of the stage, which concludes the program.


Based on the show of the same name from Argentina.


The title translates as 12 Hearts.

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