This article lists the episodes of 1 vs. 100 which premiered on October 13, 2006.

# Airdate Highlights
1 October 13, 2006
  • Brian DeCato of Parkland, Washington was the first person to face the mob. He used up both of his forms of assistance. The first time he chose to ask Meghan Markle why she chose the answer she chose. He then agreed and correctly answered the question. The second time he used his assistance he talked with Ava (podium 41, who had the correct answer) and Dana Willard (podium 68, had the incorrect answer) He agreed with Ava, and answered the question correctly. After seven questions, Brian walked away with $135,000.
  • Christine Tarbet of Youngstown, Ohio, a software technical writer, ended the episode with $87,600.
2 October 20, 2006
  • Christine Tarbet continued playing and walked away with $201,600 after defeating 80 mob members. She answered a total of eight questions and she didn't even ask for any help from the mob throughout her entire game.
  • Aaron Shanderlin lost $35,000 to 49 mob members. ($714.29 for each mob member.) He used both of his helps on the same question and still got it wrong.
  • Chaz Hales walked away with $159,600 after defeating 81 mob members, including Ken Jennings.
3 October 27, 2006
  • Camielle Bennett of Augusta, Georgia lost $51,800 to 18 mob members. ($2,877.78 for each member.) She answered five questions correctly.
  • Portia Peters of Illinois walked away with $34,900. She answered only four questions, and used one of her "helps" on the very first question.
  • Ed Brown of Ashton, Wyoming ended the episode with $8,200. He will return on November 3.
  • On this episode, eliminated mob members are lit up randomly, as opposed to sequentially (across the row, moving down from the top). Also, a new money chain debuted on this episode. The values have generally been scaled down to encourage contestants to advance farther into the game.
4 November 3, 2006
  • Ed Brown returned and walked away with $86,700 after defeating 61 mob members, after answering 6 questions and getting assistance twice. The first time he asked for help, he wanted more information on answer B, which he then agreed with. The second time, he asked Kal (podium #21) and Naz (podium #91) and agreed with Naz.
  • Kelly Roos of Oak Park, California lost $6,950 to 40 mob members ($173.75 for each mob member).
  • Monique Solitani of Hollywood, California ended the episode with $9,950 and will return on November 10, 2006.
5 November 10, 2006
  • Monique Solitani of Hollywood, California returned and lost $14,450 to 58 mob members ($249.14 for each mob member), and answered her sixth question incorrectly.
  • Jonathan Kehoe walked away with $79,750 after defeating 54 members and left one help from the mob on the table. He correctly answered a total of 8 questions.
6 December 1, 2006
  • The top prize increases to $3,000,000.
  • Jay Stakelon of Allentown, Pennsylvania walked away with $156,000 after answering 7 questions. He used three of his helps. He defeated 89 mob members.
  • Paula Russell of Chicago, Illinois ended the episode with $90,000?
7 December 8, 2006
  • Paula Russell returned and walked away with $162,000 after answering ? questions and defeating 75 mob members.
  • Molly answered 8 questions and walked away with $167,000 after defeating 93 mob members.
8 December 15, 2006
  • Keikabou Holland walked away with $174,000 after defeating 88 mob members.
9 December 25, 2006
  • Melanie Pino of Los Vegas, Nevada lost $1,000 to 45 mob members ($22.22 each) after answering 2 questions.
  • Michael Zajaczkowski of Jersey City, New Jersey went up against the mob.
10 January 5, 2007
  • Kerry Sutmeyer of Palm Desert, California
  • Barry Lander of San Diego goes up against the mob, and ends the episode with $51,000.
11 January 12, 2007
  • Barry Lander continues to play, and ends up walking away with a record-breaking $343,000 after answering a record breaking 11 questions.
  • Kwame Horne of Detroit, Michigan ends the episode.
12 January 19, 2007
  • Kwame Horn returns.
  • Shelly Regan of Los Vegas, California lost $86,000 to 17 mob members.
  • Radjiv Ladra ends the episode.
13 January 26, 2007
  • Radjiv Ladra returns, only to lose $57,000 to 18 mob members.
  • Janice Carlson takes on the mob, and wins $??.
14 February 2, 2007
  • Mitch Mitske of Telluride, Colorado went up against the mob made up of 100 kids. He defeated 80 mob members, but he lost $94,000 to 5 mob members after answering 8 questions. $18,800 was given to each of the 5 remaining mob members.
  • Wendy Powell of Las Vegas, Nevada defeated 55 mob members and answered 4 questions with one help before walking away with $87,000.
15 February 9, 2007
  • In a special 1 vs. 100 episode, the mob was made up entirely of the smartest at mob ever.
  • Mob champion, Annie Duke took on the mob and eliminated 94 mob members. In her game, she could not ask for help, and only $250,000 was guaranteed at the end of the game, she could not walk away. She lost at the 9th question. If this were an ordinary 1 vs. 100 game, she would have won $148,000 by the 9th question, and $148,000 dollars would be split with the remaining mob members (actually, only one member remained.)
  • Raul Torras went up against the mob as the game turned back to normal, and he won $51,000 after answering 5 questions before the episode ended.
16 February 16, 2007
  • Raul Torras returned, only to lose $268,000 to 5 mob members after incorrectly answering his 10th question. He defeated 85 mob members before losing.
  • Casey Smith of Des Moines, Iowa went up against the mob and walked away with $142,000 after answering 10 questions. His mob was known as "America's most hated" mob. He defeated 71 mob members.
17 February 23, 2007
  • Joanne Uy of Northridge, California loses $23,000 after defeating 23 mob members. She loses the money to 52 mob members. She only answered 2 questions.
  • Herman Wilkins of Memphis, Tennessee faces the mob. He defeats 75 mob members, but loses after his 7th question. He lost $117,000 to 13 mob members.
  • Lou Siville of Shiloh, Illinois walks away with $78,000 after defeating 78 mb members. He answered 3 questions, and obtained help on two of them.
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