Mike Rylander & Natalie Kane
21 Cards
WUCW (The CW Twin Cities): 2009

21 Cards is a card game show for Minnesota similar to Deal or No Deal.


Twenty-one oversized cards are distributed to 21 models. Nineteen of them are good, for they display money amounts from $100-$2,500. Two of them are bad; they are the "Jokers". Before the game begins, the player selects a number over which to place an "Insurance" card. Every time they get a card with a money amount on it, they win the cash. They may quit at any time or continue. At various points, they are offered additional cash to end the game. If a joker is revealed at any time the game is over for them, but they do win the money revealed behind the "Insurance" card. If they place it on a "Joker", they win $5,000, but if the player reveals all 19 cash cards, they win a total of $15,000.

YouTube VideosEdit

Three versions of the 21 Cards promo.

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3

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