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Scott Conant
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Food Network: 12/18/2009 (Special), 7/18/2010 – 6/23/2011
CBS Eye Productions

24 Hour Restaurant Battle was a short-lived reality competition series that gave aspiring restaurateurs a chance to open up their dream eateries.


In each episode, two teams of two or three people competed. Each team had to turn a blank space into a restaurant in 24 hours. The teams were responsible for a concept, decor, and food. Each team's menu had to include at least one appetizer, entrée and desert, but there was no maximum limit for any course as long as it fit within their budget. Both teams were given a $4,000 budget for food and decor. Each team also received painters to color the walls, one sous chef to help assist the cooking, and waiters to seat people at tables and deliver food. After 24 hours, the restaurant's doors were open to diners who would choose the restaurant they would like to attend based on the menu and decor. Four judges would eat at both restaurants and Conant determined a winner based on the "concept, execution and viability" of the restaurant, The winning team received $10,000 to invest into creating their own restaurant.


For episodes starting in September 15, 2010, the teams received $5,000 instead of $4,000 and Geoffrey Zakarian was designated as the head judge.


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