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FOX Primetime: 7/17/2002 – 6/26/2003
Fox Television Network
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Wild James Productions

30 Seconds to Fame was a short-lived variety/talent show where acts could only last up to 30 seconds each, regardless of any resolution to the act.


In each episode, 24 different talents were exhibited, such as contortionism, juggling, magic tricks, stand-up comedy, and beatboxing, aside from singing and dancing acts. Much of the charm of the show was derived from the fact that each act lasted only 30 seconds (hence the name of the show), leading to a variety of different acts being displayed. The live audience acted as the judges. During the performances, if the audience found an act undesirable to watch, the audience used electronic devices to put in a vote for elimination, with an Elimination scale shown on screen, color-coded in green, yellow and red. If enough people did so, and the needle hit any sliver of the red section, that act was to be cut short.

At the end of the show, every member of the audience voted for his/her favorite act out of the ones that lasted the entire 30 seconds, and the top three acts would each do another 30-second performance. After this, a final round of voting occurred, and the winner received the grand prize of $25,000.

International Versions[]

  • An Argentine version called 30 Segundos De Fama hosted by Marcelo Tinelli aired on Telefe in 2004.
  • A Brazilian version of the show is called Se vira nos 30 (Turns in 30) hosted by Fausto "Faustao" Silvia aired on Rede Global in 2008.
  • An Indonesian version of the show is called 30 Detik Menjadi Bintang (30 Seconds So Stars) aired on Global TV in 2005.


The network began to rerun the show on the Saturday late night block in January 2011 in order to fill-in the half-hour after Fringe which was vacated by the cancelled Running Wilde until the launch of the Animation Domination High Definition block in July 2013; the late night timeslot was used for repurpose reruns of recent FOX series after the network temporarily ending original late night programing in September 2010.


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