Tom Kelly (Pilot #1)
Bob McAllister (Pilot #2)
The Beautiful Barbara
Johnny Gilbert
Unsold Pilots for ABC Daytime: 3/19/1974
Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions

ABC Carnival '74 was an unsold game show with a carnival setting.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

20 people played: 10 on the midway, 10 on the carousel. The first game that the couple had to do was guess how many tattoos were on a woman's body. The winner won a dishwasher, while the loser received a kewpie doll. However, the winning couple had a chance to trade the dishwasher for a pool table. Then, Johnny Gilbert picked someone from the audience to play the strength machine and other games.

Finally, the couples played a sweepstakes race. Whoever came in 1st won a new car. 2nd place won a home entertainment center and 3rd won kitchenware. Luggage was also included with the car for the 1st prize winners.

Links[edit | edit source]

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