AJ Almasi
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Name: Andrea J. Almasi
Born: June 5, 1985
Occupation: Model
Years active: 2005-present
Known for: Her modeling job on Deal or No Deal

AJ Almasi (born Andrea Almasi on June 5, 1985 in Hendersonville, TN) was a former case model #19 on the NBC primetime version of Deal or No Deal. Growing up as an awkward "tom-boy" with braces and glasses who had never believed this was something she could do but, at the same time she loves doing it. Almasi has been told that she has a "bubbly" personality. She also loves traveling and trying new things. Almasi is a "down-to-earth" person who just loves to be around people who can "goof" off. One of Almasi's favorite things to do is to laugh, she is also a "choc-o-holic". Almasi adores animals and as a child would bring any stray animals home. prior to this, she has a cat named Fleabee and a French Bulldog named Capone. Her favorite color is blue, and until recently, it was almost the only color that she likes to wear. Almasi believes everyone should have a charity that is close to their heart. But is focused on her career in modeling and acting in L.A. and hopes to do a lot more of it.

Shows appeared

Deal or No Deal

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