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Daniela Romo
Univision: 2000–2001

A Millon was a short lived Spanish-language game show similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? where players answer trivia questions to win a possible one million dollars.


After the host came on stage, she introduced a profile of the contestant trying to win $1,000,000 before the contestant entered the studio. Both then would have a discussion in another part of the studio about why the contestant was playing the game, then they both moved to the main set, where the game was played with some assistance from the contestant's family members.

In the game segment, the player had to face four levels of multiple choice questions, following this format:

Correct Answers Dollar Amount
4 $1,000
5 $10,000
6 $100,000
7 $1,000,000

The scoreboard kept track of the player's current correct answers by showing the value of that level in rotating numbers. As each correct answer was given, a number "locked" into place. Once that level's value was complete, that amount was won. The $1,000,000 was never won.

A wrong answer earned a strike, and three strikes ended the game and dropped the player back to nothing, a la Cash Cab and the Wonderwall from Winning Lines. Should a player receive two strikes, he/she had the option to quit with his/her winnings. However, the player also received three Passes to use at any time during the game. As long as the player had at least one Pass available, the answer choices would be shown without the question, and the contestant then had the opportunity to use a Pass before seeing the question. A la the bonus question from Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, if a player chose to see the question, they must answer it.


The title translates as A Million


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