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CBS: 6/15/1992 – 12/8/1992
Go For It! Productions

A Perfect Score (not to be confused with the equally short-lived CW game show called Perfect Score) was a short-lived, late night dating game show on CBS where a player put the fate of his/her love life into the hands of three close friends as the friends attempted to find him/her the perfect date by questioning three potential candidates.


The player was sealed behind a partition where the question could be heard as well as the answers of his or her potential date. But the player could not see the choice of dates until his or her friends selected one of the three. Each candidate was questioned one at a time with questions like: "After you date a woman, how long will you call her again?" and "What's the most dangerous location you ever made love in?" After all three candidates were interviewed, the friends made their choices. The couple was then introduced and was sent on a romantic date. The final part of the show was taped a week later with the contestant returning to reflect on the date (similar to Love Connection) and answer questions asked by his or her friends about the night out.

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This was one of two short-lived shows hosted by Jeff Marder; the other was Night Games.

The show was produced & announced by David Greenfield of Love Connection and The Dating Game fame.

The show was Executive Produced by Jerry Golod of Tales From the Darkside fame.


Schulman Video Center, Los Angeles, California


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