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Adivínelo con Señas is a Spanish speaking celebrity charades game show.


Telemundo: 1988-1991


Inter TelEspan


Martin Cuburu


Alvaro Gutierrez


Celebrities act in charades without talking. From rounds 1 to 3, one celebrity player from each team have 60 seconds to act out words by using getsures which leads to a famous song, a saying/proverb, thing, etc. If the team guess what the star player is acting out in gestures, get the remaining points, but if that team don't guess the answer when time is up, they don't earn any points. In the 4th and final round, the points will be 10 times the original value (ex.10x45=450). It's just like the last 3 rounds of gameplay: the team that guesses the answer will get the points; if not, no score. The team with the most points at the end of 4 rounds becomes the winning team in the week's best out of 3 game match.


Ed Lojeski


  • The title is translated as "Guessed it with Signs"