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Alex Boylan
Alex Boylan.jpg
Name: Alex Boylan
Born: February 25, 1977
Birth Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Occupation: TV show host
Known for: Being a reality TV contestant

Alex Boylan is known as a reality TV contestant, TV show host and producer. He first came to public attention as part of the winning team together with his friend Chris Luca in the second season of the reality TV show The Amazing Race in 2002. He was later involved in various TV projects such as Around the World For Free and Animal Attractions Television.

Early life[]

Alex Boylan grew up in Boston. When he was sixteen, he spent a year playing semi-pro soccer for the club "Campinesse" in Campina Grande, Brazil. He was a student at Jacksonville University studying International Business on a soccer scholarship. During his time in Jacksonville, Boylan played soccer where he helped the team win the conference tournament while making a run to the NCAA Division 1 Sweet Sixteen. He graduated from Jacksonville University with a B.S. in International Business. He worked as a bar tender before joining The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race[]

Alex Boylan teamed up with his friend Chris Luca to participate in The Amazing Race 2. They won two legs of the race, but escaped elimination when they ended up last in leg 6 in Thailand as it was a non-elimination leg. The show gave some prominence to Boylan's friendship with a contestant from another team, Tara. Chris and Alex eventually won the race, narrowly beating Tara and Wil into second place in San Francisco with the closest finish in the history of the show.


Alex Boylan is an executive producer, show creator and host.

After winning The Amazing Race, Boylan went on to work for the production company PineRidge Film and Television. During this time, he hosted numerous television shows including, At the Chef’s Table (2004), a food series on PBS. In 2005 and 2006 Boylan hosted Health Corner’s, What’s Cooking with Alex, and Animal Attractions.

Boylan created and produced the DVD series Dropping In: Panama and Dropping In: El Salvador. Both documentaries follow surfers as they traverse lands in search of the perfect wave.

In 2006, Boylan partnered with Burton Roberts to create a production company Around The World Productions, which has produced hundreds of hours of interactive content. In their interactive series directed by Zsolt Luka, Around the World for Free, Boylan showed how one can travel around the world for free using only social media. Other shows include Jeff and Jordan Do America, the Buzz Tour for CBS, Rach to the Rescue for The Rachael Ray Show, Tales from the Trail for The Boy Scouts of America, Missions In Action, and destination content pieces for Travel Channel and Lonely Planet.

Boylan joined CBS This Morning as an adventure correspondent, and he was also a guest host for VH1's Big Morning Buzz Show as well as a travel host for The CBS Buzz Tour. He has traveled to over 55 countries around the world. He is a co-founder of a website