Bob Eubanks
Johnny Jacobs (1978)
Charlie O'Donnell (1979, 1988)
Tony McClay (1979)
Pilots (Celebrity Secrets): 8/5-6/1978
All Star Secrets
NBC Daytime: 1/8/1979 – 8/10/1979
Unsold Pilot for Syndication (Celebrity Secrets): 9/19/1988
Hill-Eubanks Productions
20th Century Fox Television

All Star Secrets was a short-lived game show where celebrities told some amazing secrets about themselves.


Three contestants were told some interesting secrets about a panel of five stars. The secrets were given to the producers beforehand in an interview, and the contestants' job was to match the secret to the celebrity that gave that secret.

On each secret, a randomizer on the contestants' desk shuffled increasing money amounts and it stopped when a player pressed a button. Bob posed the secret and eliminated one star that did not have the secret who for fun chose which star had that secret. The contestants then secretly chose which star gave the secret, and then by virtue of Bob pressing a button on his podium which caused lights to flash on the panel's desk, the star was revealed. A correct answer won money according how many contestants got it right; if two or all three players were correct, they split the money (⅓ for all three, and ½ for two), but if only one player got it, he/she got the whole pot. The first two secrets were worth anywhere from $120 to $300, and then the next two secrets were worth anywhere from $360 to $600.

In the final round, all three players would attempt to identify one final secret, called the "Blind Item", which was worth $1,500 to the only player who got it right, $750 for two players, and $500 each for all three; plus, no stars were able to guess who they thought was the person who had the secret. All three players kept the money they earned during the game with a minimum of $100, but the player with the most money at the end of the game was the winner, and won a prize.

In the final segment, and during the end credits, Bob would surprise one of the celebrities by bringing in someone that was related to a secret one of the celebrities had or bringing in an item mentioned by a celebrity during the game.

Pilot RulesEdit

The rules were mainly the same, except that there was no money randomizer. In Round 1, secrets were worth $50 to any of the players, that is if they agreed with the celebrity after making his/her choice; if the player(s) disagreed, that secret was worth double or $100. In Round 2 the dollar values were doubled meaning that a correct agreement was worth $100 and a correct disagreement was worth $200. The "Blind Item" was worth a $300 pot. The player with the most money went on to play a bonus round for $5,000.

Bonus RoundEdit

To start the bonus, the winning contestant chose which star to play face to face. The star selected was sent to isolation booth offstage out of sight and hearing. The bonus round was a word association game. Bob gave the winning contestant four subjects, each one has three words closely associated with the subject and the contestant chose words (one for each subject) he/she thought the celebrity would say. When the celebrity was released from isolation he/she was given those same subjects and words. The first two matches were worth $1,000 each and matching three out of four times won $5,000.

British VersionEdit

Two versions of the series aired separately at the time on ITV, originally hosted by Bruce Forsyth as part of Bruce Forsyth's Big Night in 1980. Then, it was revived again five years later as a separate series hosted by Michael Parkinson from 1985 until 1986.


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Michael Hill


The show was originally going to be called Celebrity Secrets, but was changed at the last minute; had its planned 1989 revival made it to air (see below), it would have used said title.

A syndicated revival was planned for the 1989-1990 season (as part of a game show block that included Jackpot, Talk About, and The Last Word), but was scrapped after the show's distributor ran into financial problems.


An episode of this series aired on GSN on October 5, 2014. According to Adam Nedeff, 40 episodes are known to exist.

Episode GuideEdit

Celebrity Secrets PilotEdit

Taped Celebrities
August 5-6, 1978 Robert Reed, Dody Goodman, Arthur Godfrey, Lee Meriwether, and Charles Nelson Reilly

Winter 1978-1979Edit

Week Aired Celebrities
#01 January 8-12, 1979 Pat Boone, Phyllis Diller, Greg Morris, Mary Ann Mobley, and McLean Stevenson
#02 January 15-19, 1979 Billy Crystal, Lynn Redgrave, Jamie Farr, Abbe Lane, and Nipsey Russell
#03 January 22-26, 1979 Charlie Callas, Vic Tayback, Barbi Benton, Jo Anne Worley, and *Unknown 5th Celebrity*
#04 January 29-February 2, 1979 N/A
#05 February 5-9, 1979 N/A
#06 February 12-16, 1979 N/A
#07 February 19-23, 1979 Leslie Nielsen, Ruth Buzzi, Don Sutton, LaWanda Page, and Pat Harrington
#08 February 26-March 2, 1979 Bill Cullen, Della Reese, John Schuck, Nanette Fabray, and Arte Johnson
#09 March 5-9, 1979 N/A
#10 March 12-16, 1979 Charlotte Rae, Isabel Sanford, James Hampton, Norm Crosby, and Frankie Avalon
#11 March 19-23, 1979 N/A
#12 March 26-30, 1979 Robert Pine, Dody Goodman, Conrad Bain, Anne Lockhart, and Robert Guillaume
#13 April 2-6, 1979 N/A
#14 April 9-13, 1979 N/A
#15 April 16-20, 1979 Vidal Sassoon, Rosey Grier, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jo Ann Pflug, and James Hampton

Spring 1979Edit

Week Aired Celebrities
#16 April 23-27, 1979 Robert Alda, Susan Ford, Loni Anderson, Victor French, and Mabel King
#17 April 30-May 4, 1979 Robert Goulet, James Coco, Doris Roberts, Joyce Bulifant, and Hugh Downs
#18 May 7-11, 1979 Steven Ford, Steve Allen, Ross Martin, Rose Marie, and Janet DuBois
#19 May 14-18, 1979 N/A
#20 May 21-25, 1979 Tom Bosley, Janet Lennon, Susan Strasberg, Buddy Hackett, and John Saxon
#21 May 28-June 1, 1979 N/A
#22 June 4-8, 1979 Gary Owens, Shari Lewis, Cathy Rigby, Ted Lange, and Gordon Jump
#23 June 11-15, 1979 Robert Mandan, June Lockhart, Gary Collins, Rhonda Bates, and Leonard Smith
#24 June 18-22, 1979 Michele Triola Marvin, Jed Allan, Jim Backus, Louis Gossett, and Edie Adams
#25 June 25-29, 1979 N/A
#26 July 2-6, 1979 James Gregory, Fannie Flagg, Ron Palillo, Rue McClanahan, and Lyle Waggoner
#27 July 9-13, 1979 Wilt Chamberlain, Elaine Joyce, Jon "Bowzer" Bauman, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and Wayland Flowers w/Madame
#28 July 16-20, 1979 Brianne Leary, Peter Isacksen, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Cleavon Little, and Bobby Van
#29 July 23-27, 1979 David Huddleston, Eva Gabor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barbara Feldon, and David Landsberg
#30 July 30-August 3, 1979 Nipsey Russell, Nanette Fabray, George Savalas, Jack Riley, and Jaye P. Morgan
#31 August 6-10, 1979 Sarah Purcell, Bo Hopkins, Jo Anne Worley, Charlie Callas, and Dwight Stones


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