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John K.M McCaffery (1963)
Clifton Fadiman (1964)
Peter Lind Hayes (1965–1966)
Bill Shipley
Joe King
ABC Sundays: 1/20/1963 – 4/28/1963
CBS Sundays: 1/5/1964 – 5/1/1966
Cleary-Moses-Reid Productions
ABC Television (1963)
CBS (1964–1966)

Alumni Fun was a weekly game show where two teams of three celebrity alumni members answered questions to win scholarship money for their university.


Two competing teams, each composed of three celebrity alumni members of a college, competed in a question and answer game with the winnings going to their school. All money was awarded by American Cyanamid.

On the ABC version, teams answered questions worth 50 and 100 points on one of eight different subjects. The highest-scoring team won $1,000 for their school and returned to play again the following Sunday, up to four weeks.

On CBS, in each of the first two rounds, each player selected a category (each containing three questions) from the "tree of knowledge" (places, literature, arts, history, people, business, and sports). The team was then asked the three questions in that category (some of which were multi-part), and correctly answering at least two of them scored 100 points. In the third round, each team answered 50-point questions for 75 seconds. After the third round, the team with the highest score won $2,000 and the runners-up received $1,000. Tournaments were held each season with the winners of the final match earning $15,000 and the runner-up team receiving $10,000.

Taping Location[]

New York City, NY


The show was seen on Sunday Afternoons for four seasons and was produced by Cleary-Moses-Reid Productions, the same company that created College Bowl.


A board game based on the show was once manufactured by Milton Bradley in 1964.