AFV was given homage in a Rugrats episode called "America's Wackiest Home Movies". Grandpa Lou won the $10,000 even though Drew and Stu got hurt.

YouTuber Nalts parodied AFV as AFB (America's Funniest Bloopers) in one of his videos.

America's Funniest Bloopers (AFV parody)

America's Funniest Bloopers (AFV parody)

In one Simpsons episode, Homer watches a film by Hans Moleman called "Man Getting Hit By Football". Hans gets hit in the groin and Homer laughs hysterically. He says, "Give that man the $10,000!" The film host replies with, "This isn't America's Funniest Home Videos!", but Homer thinks the ball in the groin was funny and he tells him to roll the clip again.

The Simpsons - Man Getting Hit By Football

The Simpsons - Man Getting Hit By Football

In a CatDog episode, AFV was parodied as Winslow's Home Videos, where host Winslow showed funny clips of Cat and Dog. Note: This clip can also be seen on the VHS of The Rugrats Movie.

AFV was also seen as a parody on Blue Collar TV. Tom Bergeron did not make an appearance but someone played Tom. TLC's Furniture to Go did a parody called "Furniture's Funniest Home Refinishing Show".

In the Disney Sing Along Song Video Pongo and Perdita, AFV was given a parody called "Hot Dog: America's Funniest Dog Tricks". Pongo, Perdita, and the puppies were watching it on their TV. The song "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" was played as one of the sing along songs while the show was going on. 

In the Dinosaurs episode "Family Challenge", the Sinclairs watched a parody of AFV called Pangaea's Funniest Home Injuries, which was followed by Pangaea's 2nd Funniest Home Injuries (reference to America's Funniest People)

MTV's Pirate TV did a parody called "Central America's Funniest Home Videos". The Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club did a parody called "America's Nuttiest Home Videos".

AFV was spoofed on Saturday Night Live in 1995 as America's Funniest Hate Videos which also featured host Bob Saget. Caroline's Comedy Hour did a parody called "A&E presents History's Funniest Home Videos".

AFV was parodied in South Park as America's Stupidest Home Videos.

AFV was given a parody on the hit 90's comedy sketch show, In Living Color, entitled "America's Funniest Security Camera Videos", where Jim Carrey portrayed Bob Saget.

The Annoying Orange episode "Tech Support" featured AFV parodied as America's Best Groin Shots (ABGS), as Orange watches it on his computer.

A season 2 episode of Camp Candy, starring the late comedian, John Candy, paid homage to AFV entitled, "Camp Candy's Funniest Home Videos", which was a clip show episode of funny moments from the show.