Dave Coulier 1990–1994
Arleen Sorkin 1990–1992
Tawny Kitaen 1992–1994
Ernie Anderson
Pilot "America's Funniest... Part II" 1990
ABC: 1990 (Special)
ABC: 1990–1993
ABC (The New America's Funniest People): 1993–1994
Vin Di Bona Productions

(The New) America's Funniest People was a spin-off from America's Funniest Home Videos; rather than accidental footage being shown, this show was based on people putting on acts to be funny.


Vin Di Bona – based on the Japanese show Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan

Song LyricsEdit

Chi-town, Beantown

Every in between now

Lookin' for the Funniest People.

They got from Little Rock

Anywhere the bus stops

Lookin' for the Funniest People.

Lookin' for the Funniest....People!

Different shining (Woman: Ooo. Bop. Bop)

Short people tall people (Woman: Ooo. Bop. Bop)

Silly and bizzare people (Woman: Ooo. Bop. Bop)

Come on and be a star, people!


The Prospect Studios (1990–1992)
Universal Studios Florida (1992–1993)
Hollywood Center Studios (1993–1994)


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  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (The Olsen Twins) appeared on America's Funniest People to sing "Peanut Butter". The Olsen Twins and Dave Coulier were both cast members on Full House with Bob Saget.
  • Arleen Sorkin went on to voice Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Tawny Kitaen went on to voice Annabelle in the animated series Eek! the Cat.

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