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Richard Curtis (Pilot)
John Michael Higgins (Series)
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Pilot: Taped 2017
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GSN: 6/18/2018 - Present
Entertainment One/Keller-Noll
Game Show Enterprises (GSE) (2019-present)

America Says is a game show where two teams of friends or family face off to guess America's responses with fill-in-the-blanks to survey questions covering every topic under the sun.


Two teams, each with four members and a team name, play three rounds of surveys and puzzles.

Main Game[]

In each round, each team gets shown a fill-in-the-blank survey question, along with seven answers on the board. The initial letters get revealed, while the rest of the letters get represented by blanks). Each time a contestant correctly guesses one of the top answers, they score points for their team and get to give another answer. If they answer incorrectly, the next guess goes to the next player in line, going back to the team captain whenever necessary. In Rounds 1 and 2, the left-hand team starts the round. In Round 3, the team in the lead begins. If the scores are tied, the team who won the coin toss begins the 3rd round.

If the team can guess all seven top answers correctly within 30 seconds, they score bonus points. If they run out of time, the other team (who gets to confer) gets a chance to score points on that question by having their team captain guess each of the remaining answers. Each correct answer earns points, but a single wrong answer ends the question, with the host then revealing any unrevealed answers.

Starting in season 4, when it was time for the opposing team to claim points off the board, every player on the team took a turn to guess.

In Round 1, guessing starts with the team captain. Each correct guess is worth 100 points, with a 1,000-point bonus for guessing all seven answers correctly. In Round 2, the second player starts, and the points double (200 points per correct answer, with a 2,000-point bonus for all seven). Round 3 begins with each team's third player and scores triple points (300 points per correct answer, with a 3,000-point bonus for all seven).

After three rounds, the team with the most points wins the game. If at any point, one team achieves an insurmountable lead, they are automatically declared the winners.

If the game ends in a tie, one more question gets asked with only the top answer needed and the team captains buzzing in to answer. Whoever buzzes in with the correct guess wins the game, but if they buzz in with an incorrect guess, the other team automatically wins the game.

Bonus Round[]

The winning team has 60 seconds to guess the top answers to four questions, with the number of responses needed being one, two, three, and four, in that order. Like before, a team member keeps guessing answers until they make a wrong guess (at which point control passes over to the next team member in line), and speaking out of turn causes a five-second penalty.

If a team member gets stuck on a question, they can skip to the next question by pressing a red button (which stops the clock), but they must return to the left out question once the other three questions get completed. Also, it can get used only once and can't get used after the first three of the four questions are completed (as there is no question to skip to by this point).

Once all the needed answers for each question are correctly guessed, the clock stops, the next question gets revealed, and control is passed to the next team member in line at the start of that question.

If the team can give all ten correct answers before time runs out, they win $15,000. If they fail, they win $1,000.

COVID Changes[]

  • The podiums are shaped in a huge semi-circle.
  • Each player has a skip button for the bonus round. Whoever presses it first will stop everyone else from hitting theirs.


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Pilot Clips[]

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