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NBC: 3/21/2022-present
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American Song Contest is an adaptation of the Eurovision Song Contest where 50 U.S. states, five territories and Washington D.C. compete for the title of "Best Original Song".


The series involves five episodes of qualifying rounds, followed by two episodes of semi-finals and one final. In each qualifying round, a 56-member jury of music industry professionals (one for each state and territory) selects one song to advance to the semi-finals while three songs will also advance after a three-day viewer voting. After the qualifying rounds, the jury will then select two "redemption songs" to join in the semi-finals, thus a total of 22 acts will remain in the competition. The same selection process will be facilitated in the semi-finals to determine the 10 acts that will compete in the final. The final result will be presented in Eurovision style with each jury member awarding their 12 points then adding in the viewers' points. The viewer votes will be weighted with each state and territory being worth 12 points much like in Eurovision thus giving all regions equal voting power while preventing populous states like California and Texas from dominating the voting process. The winning act will earn the title of "Best Original Song".


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