Anya Monzikova
Anya Monzikova 2008
Name: Anya Gennadievna Monzikova
Born: August 25, 1984
Occupation: Actress, Model
Years active: 2006-present
Known for: Modeling on Deal or No Deal
Anya Monzikova (born Anya Gennadievna Monzikova on August 25, 1984 in Vologda, Moscow, Russia) is Russian-American actress, model and TV host. This Russian cutie moved out of Russia and into America when she was only eight years old. She lived out the rest of her childhood in Florida, and then after graduating from high school, Anya moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

In 2006, 22 year old Monzikova was chosen to be one of the 26 briefcase models on NBCs Deal or No Deal; she appeared as case model #10 (except for the first few shows) next door to fellow model Patricia Kara #9. While still doing Deal or No Deal, Anya made a guest appearance as SVR agent Ivana Alexandrovna on the failed 2008 remake of Knight Rider.

In addition to opening her #10 briefcase on the call of "open the case", Anya hosts her own show called Get Out! alongside fellow model Lindsay Clubine (#26). On that show, Anya, Lindsay, and other hosts of the show would travel to exotic places, mostly while wearing a bikini.

Anya recently did a TV pilot called Nat & Olga; she played Nat.

Anya even found her way to doing movies. Her first was a film about robots called Surrogates; and her second film was Iron Man 2, while working on the film, she assisted co-star Scarlett Johansson by translating a few lines for Johansson in Russian.

Even popular magazines got a piece of Anya. She was listed as one of 100 Beautiful People in People magazine. Anya also did a photo shoot with her fellow models in magazines Runway & Maxim. Anya even did a solo photo shoot for Stuff magazine.

In addition to acting & modeling, Anya also goes to training school studying the Chinese martial art Wushu at the National Wushu Training Center. Plus she's also training to do her own stunts so that she'll be ready for action films.

Anya Monzikova, a Russian lady who takes no prisoners.

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Anya on The New Knight Rider


Promoting the film Surrogates
Anya backstage on Deal or No Deal

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