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John Milton Kennedy (as Mr. Crime Investigation)
Cy Kendall (Jonas Flint, private detective)
Jerome Sheldon (Inspector Harrison)
H. Allen Smith (Mr. Crime Attorney)
Armchair Detective.jpg
CBS: 7/6/1949 - 9/28/1949

Armchair Detective features members of the studio audience tried to solve two one-act whodunits.


Studio contestants tried to solve mysteries acted out on stage. A criminal case was reenacted and stopped prior to the denouement. The first player to solve the case, based on clues in the script, received merchandise prizes. Evelle J. Younger, then a prosecutor for the city of Pasadena, gave the solution to the mystery.


Produced by Mike Stokey, better known as the host and producer of Mike Stokey's Pantomime Quiz, this was the first Hollywood-originated television program to be seen via film transmission on CBS. The show was first seen on Los Angeles station KTLA prior to its network debut.

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