John Milton Kennedy (as Mr. Crime Investigation)
Cy Kendall (Jonas Flint, private detective)
Jerome Sheldon (Inspector Harrison)
H. Allen Smith (Mr. Crime Attorney)
Armchair Detective.jpg
CBS: 7/6/1949 - 9/28/1949

Armchair Detective features members of the studio audience tried to solve two one-act whodunits.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Studio contestants tried to solve mysteries acted out on stage. A criminal case was reenacted and stopped prior to the denouement. The first player to solve the case, based on clues in the script, received merchandise prizes. Evelle J. Younger, then a prosecutor for the city of Pasadena, gave the solution to the mystery.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Produced by Mike Stokey, better known as the host and producer of Mike Stokey's Pantomime Quiz, this was the first Hollywood-originated television program to be seen via film transmission on CBS. The show was first seen on Los Angeles station KTLA prior to its network debut.

Youtube Video[edit | edit source]

Full Episode

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