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Kathy Griffin (Season 1 only)
List of Bachelorettes (& Bachelor)
Melana Scantlin (Season 1)
Larissa Meek (Season 2)
Adam Mesh (Season 3, formerly as a contestant in season 1)
Anna Chudoba (Season 4)
Broadcast (NBC)
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Scantlin Era: 11/3/2003 – 12/3/2003
Average Joe Hawaii.png
Meek Era: 1/5/2004 – 3/1/2004
Average Joe Adam Returns.png
Mesh Era: 3/15/2004 – 4/5/2004
Average Joe The Joes Strike Back.png
Chudoba Era: 6/28/2005 – 7/27/2005
GSN: 2004
Fox Reality Channel: 2004–2005
Krasnow Productions
NBC Studios

Average Joe was a four seasoned reality dating show in which a group of "Average Joes" try to win over a girl's/guy's heart.


A gorgeous lady/handsome guy is cast as a "bachelorette/bachelor" in order to find her/his dream man/woman. When her/his suitors arrive, she/he finds that they are just the average looking guys/girls and not the handsome/gorgeous hard-bodies/hotties as she/he was hoping; however, as she/he gets to know the average fellas/chicks, a new group of studs/babes are brought in to change the complexity of the game later on.

Different Versions[]

There were four different versions of the show for each season: Season 1 was just the regular "Average Joe", Season 2 was called "Average Joe: Hawaii", Season 3 was called "Average Joe: Adam Returns", and in Season 4, it was called "Average Joe (4): The Joes Strike Back".

French Version[]

A French adaptation of the show under the title La Belle et ses Princes Presque Charmants (The Beautiful and Almost Charming Princes) aired for three seasons on M6 (later W9) from 2012 until 2014.


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Melana Scantlin later became a co-host for The World Series of Blackjack on GSN in 2004.
Average Joe (4): The Joes Strike Back is a semi-reference to the 1980s film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
Before she was a bachelorette in season 4, Anna Chudoba was a contestant on Fear Factor (NBC Version) in season 1/Episode 4.
A role-reversal spinoff of the series under the title Plain Jane, where it featured a group of ordinary women who were to compete for the love of a very handsome man was planned in the works. However, the series was never materialized and the title alone was used for another reality series with a different concept where it features host Louise Roe (former hostess of the second & final season of another NBC reality competition series Fashion Star) transforming ordinary women from head to toe in a fashion makeover style each week.


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