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Pilot: 12/4/1967
ABC Daytime: 1/1/1968 – 7/12/1968
Bob Stivers Productions

"Who's the cutest kid in America? Is it (insert kid #1)? Or, will it be (insert kid #2)? Could it be (insert kid #3)? Or, (insert kid #4)? Or, will it be your youngster who will win the $15,000 college education? On the show that stars America's cutest kids, The Baby Game! And now, here's America's favorite babysitter, Richard Hayes!"

The Baby Game was a show all about predicting young people's behavior in various situations.


Two couples competed against each other in a game of predicting children's behavior in various situations & tasks. In each round, the couples were shown a film clip of the child or children and individually predicted what would happen in that video. Correct predictions earned points for the couples. Four rounds were played with the first three offering 10 points for each correct answer (possible 20 for each couple) and the final round offered 25 points for each correct answer (possible 50 for each couple), for a possible grand total of 110 points for each couple.

The couple with the most points won the game and a prize package.

America's Cutest Kid Contest[]

During the show's run, a contest was held that allowed the home viewers to send in pictures of their children. The winner received a $15,000 college education for their child, and five runners-up won 1968 Pontiac station wagons.


ABC Studio TV-15, New York City, NY


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YouTube Links[]

A full episode from January 15, 1968 (George & Caroline vs. Gloria & Lloyd)
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