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Bob Hilton
Charlie O'Donnell
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Unsold Pilot for ABC: Early 1986
Chuck Barris Productions/Woody Frasier Enterprises

Bamboozle was an unsold game show which borrows many elements of To Tell the Truth. Three people tell three strange stories, and a panel has to decide which one is true.


A panel of three (consisting of two celebrities and one civilian contestant) faced three people with weird & strange-related stories. Two of them were false and the other one was true. The panel's job was to spot the truth. The celebrity panelists asked questions to the three guests pertaining to their story. Unlike To Tell the Truth, the panelist in control was assigned a guest by host Hilton, a different (sometimes the same) one for each new turn. When time was up, the panelists made their decision. First the celebrity panelists were asked who they thought had the real story, then the contestant made the final decision. The choice was made having the $1,000 cash prize lit up above the chosen guest, as the other two panelists decided whether to stay with the last panelist's choice or move the grand to another guest.

A correct choice won the contestant the $1,000 and stayed on the show, but a wrong choice caused the contestant to be "Bamboozled" and eliminated from the program, while the chosen guest got the $1,000. If a player managed to win five games in a row, s/he also received a car.



Bamboozle at Game Show Garbage
Bamboozle at The Game Show Pilot Light