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Melody Thornton
Candy Spelling
Vanessa Rousso
Sean Patterson
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E!: 12/14/2009 - 2/8/2010
BBC Worldwide Productions
Fever Media
Krasnow Productions
Ryan Seacrest Productions
E! Entertainment Television

Bank of Hollywood was a short-lived reality show where contestants must appeal to a celebrity panel in order to receive money. based on a British format called Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway.


Ordinary people tell their stories to convince panelists to donate money to their causes like a do-gooder raising money for a favorable charity or someone who wants to propose but can't afford an engagement ring. These celebrities (Melody Thornton, Candy Spelling, Vanessa Rousso and Sean Patterson) have a chance to show their philanthropic sides by giving away their own money.


The show is produced by Ryan Seacrest, best known as the host of American Idol, who has also produced the short-lived NBC reality dating show Momma's Boys.

British Version[]

The original counterpart under the title Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway hosted by Richard Madeley aired on ITV from 2 January (January 2) until 13 February (February 13) 2007.

See Also[]

Crowd Rules - an equally short-lived show similar in the veins to Bank of Hollywood that aired on CNBC in 2013.


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