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MTV: 10/25/2004 - 1/10/2005
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Battle for Ozzfest is a short-lived reality show where eight bands "battle" it out to win a spot on the stage of the heavy metal festival Ozzfest, which is a primary heavy metal-based music festival. The series lasted for twelve episodes in total with the winner being decided by online voters.


Band Member Band Finish[1]
Marc Serrano A Dozen Furies Winner
Adair Cobley Manntis[2] Runner-Up
Ryan Camp Cynder[3] (now known as Curse Your Name) 6th eliminated
Ahmad Alkurabi Beyond All Reason 5th eliminated
Chelsea Muckerman Final Drive 4th eliminated
Brittany Paige Bouck Guilt by Association 3rd eliminated
Kelly Abe Sicks Deep 2nd eliminated
Jesse Preston Trauma Concept 1st eliminated

After the show[]

  • A Dozen Furies, Cynder and Manntis played the Battle for Ozzfest tour which was selected by being one of the top three finalists.[4]
  • Manntis got signed by Century Media Records following the conclusion of the show but have since become unsigned once again.
  • A Dozen Furies went on numerous tours with acts such as Gwar and Disturbed but have since broken up.
  • Curse Your Name released a self-titled LP in 2008, and most recently released the album Better Off Dead in December 2011, while vocalist and show contestant Ryan started a solo project.
  • Final Drive are still active and unsigned. Chelsea (contestant and representative for Final Drive) is no longer in the group.
  • Beyond All Reason are recording a new album
  • Jesse (contestant and representative for Trauma Concept) is no longer in the group. He has since formed a new band, Impressions In Flesh, and they are currently in studio recording their first album.
  • Guilt By Association has since broken up.
  • Sicks Deep are still active and unsigned
  • Big Dave still tours with Ozzy and the Ozzfest.


A Dozen Furies won the spot of the tenth anniversary of Ozzfest, and got $65,000 in cash, gear from Gibson guitars and a record deal from Sanctuary Records.


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