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Bay Area Quiz Kids is a quiz bowl for the area of San Francisco, California.


Quiz Kids is played by two teams of three players each. Each team consists of three students. The player in the center position is the team captain and is responsible for giving the team's answer on all non-toss-up questions.

There are three types of rounds:

  • Three for All - The questions in that round are all three-parters. The first part is a toss-up for all six players, the first player on either team to buzz-in with a correct answer earned control of the other two questions that follow. The team's scoreboards also displayed checkmark boxes to indicate how many questions were answered correctly. Two Three for Alls are played and in the first one, the toss-up is worth 5 points, the second part is also worth 5, and the third is worth 15; so sweeping all three questions meant a total of 25 points to either team. In the second one, the toss-up is worth 10 points, the second part is worth 15, and the third is worth 25; so sweeping all three questions meant a total of 50 points to either team.
  • Collaboration - There are three categories in this round and each team selected one to play in that round. Each category has seven questions, each correct answer is worth 10 points for a total 70 points; but if any team answers all seven questions correctly, the team in control received a 30 point bonus for a total of 100 points.
  • Countdown - This is the final round of the game which lasted for three minutes and every question is worth 30 points.


Based on Quiz Kids by Louis G. Cowan


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