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Beat the Band was an early musical quiz show.


NBC Radio (Weekly): 1/28/1940 – 2/23/1941, 6/15/1943 – 9/6/1944


Garry Moore (1940–1941)
"The Incomparable Hildegarde" (Hildegard's Loretta Sell) (1943–June 1944)
Eddie Mayehoff (June–September 1944)


Marvin Miller
Fort Pearson
Tom Shirley


The host would ask the band musical questions sent to the show by listeners. In the original version, listeners received $10 if they were used, and another $10 plus a box of Kix Cereal (the show's sponsor) if the band was stumped. In addition, musicians who missed questions had to toss half-dollar coins into a bass drum (this was called "feeding the kitty"). The musician with the highest score took home all the money in the drum.

In the revival, listeners received $25 and (until June 1944) a carton of Raleigh Cigarettes (the new version's sponsor). Stumping the band meant the prize was $50, and any band members who missed the the questions threw packs of cigarettes into the bass drum and then they were sent to servicemen in the war effort.

Recording Locations[]

Chicago, IL (1940–1941)
Various locations (Certain episodes with Moore)
New York City, NY (1943–1944)