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Pilot: 3/9/1979
Syndication (Daily): 6/18/1979 – 7/27/1979
Heatter-Quigley Productions

PILOT INTRO: Williams: "Bedtime Stories, and here are your bedroom ambassadors…" Lohman: "I'm Al Lohman!" Barkley: "And I'm Roger Barkley!"

Bedtime Stories was a short-lived six-week game show hosted by Lohman & Barkley, a comedy duo that had previously hosted another Heatter-Quigley production called Lohman & Barkley's Name Droppers.


Pilot Rules[]

In the pilot, each couple would stop a randomizer on a number of points (either 1, 2, or 3), then were asked a poll question with two possibilities. A correct answer allowed them to use their points to mark various prizes; an incorrect answer gave their opponents control. The prize in this pilot were:

  • A Brass Bed - 2 points
  • A Hot Tub - 3 points
  • A Video Recorder - 4 points
  • A Trip to Paris - 4 points
  • A Car - 5 points

The prizes were marked left to right, and the couple who put the last point on a prize banked it. The first couple to bank three prizes won the game and kept them.

Series Rules[]

In the series, two married couples competed. Living up to the new openness of the late 1970s, along with an obvious bent to be just for laughs, the show opened with a set of two bedroom sets (known as "the tacky beds") and a brief talk by Lohman/Barkley. Then, a video of one of the couples who would be playing the game were shown of them being interviewed in what were purportedly their bedrooms; one couple was interviewed by Lohman, and the other by Barkley. These interviews were very similar to what The Daily Show interviews look like today, with answers given to questions that were added in post production. After the interview, (which usually lasted at least five minutes), the game officially began.

The couples were then brought out to the tacky beds, which were actually just benches with headboards as backing. Each couple was then asked two questions (one for each spouse) about the other couple's interview, Each correct answer awarded $500 in prizes.

This whole process was then repeated with the other couple.

After both couples had played, a survey question (previously posed to many couples) was asked that was worth $2,000 in prizes, plus another $500 in prizes for each incorrect answer during the main game. During the final commercial break, the couples wrote down what they thought was the correct percentage, and the couple who was closest won the prizes and the game.


Metromedia Square, Hollywood, California


The show used the same theme as another Heatter-Quigley game show To Say the Least.


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