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USA Network: 5/31/2017 – 6/28/2017
Curly One Productions
12 Yard Productions
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Big Star Little Star was the short-lived American adaptation of the British game show Big Star's Little Star, which paired celebrities along with their kids as they playfully tested their knowledge of one another.


All in good fun to win money for their chosen charities, each episode featured three famous families as they revealed hilarious behind-the-scenes moments about their real lives.

International Versions[]

Countries that have previously done their own versions of Big Star Little Star include:

Belgium (Dutch language only)
United Kingdom (Country that originated the program as Big Star's Little Star)


As mentioned above, the series was based on a British game show called Big Star's Little Star, which has been hosted by Stephen Mulhern and airing on ITV since 4 September (September 4) 2013 until 30 December (December 30) 2018. In 2015 (more specifically, 18 December [or December 18] 2015), a spinoff (also hosted by Mulhern) has also aired on the same network as Big Star's Bigger Star, where it also featured celebrities, but in this version, it was with their own parents as contestants instead of kids. It was originally for their annual "Text Santa" special, then became a four-part series which premiered in 15 December (December 15) 2018.


"This Girl" by Cookin' on 3 Burners (theme song)
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Additional Page[]

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End-of-Show Disclaimer[]

"All contestants are briefed on the playing method, rules and timings for each round prior to any actual gameplay and/or filming. All contestants undertake to play fairly and continue game play throughout the entire competition, either to the point of a contestant's elimination or contestant's completion of the game. All contestants have the same chance to win and no one person or team shall be afforded an advantage over another."


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