Jim Perry
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Syndicated (Daily): 9/9/1968 – 6/13/1969
Tele-Column Productions
Tape/Net Productions for Krantz Films

This version of Bingo at Home was a bingo game show with people playing at home and in the studio.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Unlike the 1958 version of Bingo at Home, this version had different gameplay. There are only 5 contestants that make the word bingo. To mark the squares, they would have to answer questions correctly in order to put a number (1-9) on a color spot in their column representing their letter on the bingo board with 5 free spaces arranged so that each lettered column and colored row featured one free space; if not, he/she was eliminated from the next question and the other contestants would have a chance. The scoring was in points. The player who completed a row or column (not diagonally) won the game and won the 4-digit figure in dollars and cents based on their winning line.

The winning digits could be a prize for someone at home. If the contestant is playing at home, he/she has to dial the 4 digits on the screen on the telephone to win a prize. After the last game of the day, only the winner of the most money kept his/her winnings.

Bonus Round[edit | edit source]

Later shows had the winner play a bonus round in which they answered questions to move a decimal point from left to right and turn the 4-digit number they won with into cash. After 3 correct responses to questions, they could stop with hundreds of dollars (three decimal places), or risk the amount on a 4th question that could win thousands of dollars (four decimal places). If they continued and missed the question, they lost it all.

Studio[edit | edit source]

CJOH-TV, Ottawa, ON

Rating[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

This show was sometimes called Money Makers.

YouTube Video[edit | edit source]

A full episode (Liz/Graham/Pamela/Julian/Mari-Lou, Day 3)

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