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Unsold Presentation: 1994
Martindale-Hillier Entertainment
Fiedler-Berlin Productions

This version of Boggle was also based on the classic word game, but it was different from the 1988 pilot.


Two teams of two competed. As in the classic game, the object was to find words in a grid of letters. Each letter in a valid word touches each other by side or by corner, and while letters in valid words can repeat, no individual space could be used more than once in a single word.

In this version, one player on the team in control was given five words and a standard boggle board played on a 16-screen video wall with those words hidden. The first player's job was to describe each word to his/her partner, who must then find those words and spell them out. They play for 45 seconds and each word was worth one point.

The game was played with six boards, three for each team. The team with the most points wins and goes on to play Big Boggle.

Big Boggle[]

Big Boggle was played with one more board. Only this time, the winning players alternate turns finding their own words with each letter in each valid word worth one point. The object of the game was to score 30 points in 45 seconds or less.


The giant Boggle cubes were later used for the 1994 interactive show.

Th end of the presentation showed sort of a redoing of a team's round. Not because that something went wrong or anything; it was to demonstrate a way of finding the words. When finding a word, the receiver had to touch monitors on the video wall containing the right letters. Wink would do a similar thing when explaining the rules of the eventual interactive show, but with a telephone grid of light boxes. But since the show did not have the technology for touchscreen technology, little Pocket PCs were used instead.

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