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Boiling Points.png
Boiling Points Alt 2.png
MTV: 1/5/2004 – 1/1/2005
Fractured Hip
One Louder Productions
Remote Productions

Boiling Points was a show where unwitting subjects were put into excruciating situations.


In each half-hour episode, annoying situations were set up and deliberately inflicted on one or more young adults who were unaware that they were being tested. Examples included poor or incompetent customer service in a store or restaurant, being accosted by a date's ex-love-interest while out together, and unprovoked rudeness from a total stranger.

While being watched via hidden camera, the subject of the show had to refrain from displaying a temper or storming off for a predetermined length of time. If he/she passed, he/she received $100 on the spot.

Typically, the Boiling Point time on each segment was anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes. Most often, people lost because they used obscenities in their confusion and/or anger.


Stefani Germanotta, better known today as Lady Gaga, was a contestant on this show in 2005.


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