Opening Spiels[edit | edit source]

Seasons 1-2 Opening Spiel: "Welcome to BRAINSURGE!!! The only game show where you don't have to know anything to win. And here's your host, JEFF SUTPHEN!!!"

Family Version Opening Spiel: "Welcome to FAMILY BRAINSURGE!!! It's time to kick start your smarts and massage your mind! And now, here's your host, JEFF SUTPHEN!!!"

Catchphrases[edit | edit source]

"Welcome to BrainSurge/Family BrainSurge! The only show where you need a great memory and super concentration skills!" - Jeff Sutphen to welcome the viewers to the show

"I'm going head over to the brain center, so we can get started." - Jeff

"Okay, your going to use that special game pod to lock in your answer, cause the 1st level will test your abilities to see these quickly." - Jeff

"I'm going to kick it off with a 10 point puzzle. Here it comes." - Jeff

"Level 1." - Random Man

"Today/tonight, one of you guys is going home a BrainSurge champion! Plus, you'll be playing for a really cool prize (for an eligible audience member) worth thousands of dollars in prizes, plus a sliming from head to toe. However, for the rest of you, there is only one way outta here, and that is down... the Brain Drain!" - Jeff Sutphen

"Let's throw a 20 point puzzle." - Jeff

"Here comes a 30 point puzzle. Roll it." - Jeff

"Let's meet today's/tonight's brainiacs!" - Jeff Sutphen

"Focus/pay (close) attention, because this puzzle's worth 50/100 points. Roll it." - Jeff

"Let's find out/see what the correct answer is!" - Jeff Sutphen (after the contestants/families have locked in their answers)

"The correct answer is (insert answer). Let's find out who got it right!" - Jeff Sutphen

"In first place with (insert number) points is (insert name)! With (insert number) points in second place is (insert name)! With (insert number) points in third place is (insert name)! Alright, here's the moment of truth. There are 3 of you left and only one more spot to move on to the next level. In fourth place with (insert number) is (insert name)! You guys are moving on to the next round! (insert remaining two contestants/one family) you guys played a great game! Before we send you down the Brain Drain, let's see what you've won." - Jeff Sutphen (to determine which four contestants/families are moving on to Level 2)

"Congratulations, you won (insert prizes)!" Erin/John (to any contestants/families who have been eliminated)

"When we come back, we'll see if these four remaining brainiacs can put their massive minds to the test on Level 2! Don't go anywhere!" - Jeff Sutphen (first commercial break spiel)

"Welcome back to BrainSurge/Family BrainSurge! Congratulations to you four remaining brainiacs/brainiac families for making it to this level!" - Jeff Sutphen (when the show returns from its first commercial break)

"Enough chit-chat. Let's get to the game play." - Jeff

"Level 2." - Random Man

"Okay guys, it's story time! This is my book of actual truthful events that have, yep, you guessed it, actual true events. I'm gonna read you a story out of the book, and I want you to listen carefully to the story, okay? Now, stand up and let's begin!" - Jeff Sutphen

"And remember, everything I'm about to tell you, is 100% absolutely true. (shakes head)" - Jeff Sutphen

"That's my story (and it's all/absolutely true). Now I'm gonna ask you some questions based on what I read. What you guys need to do is say the answer after I read the question and sit down. If you hear this, (ding), that means you're right! But/However, if you hear this, (insert contestant), can you sit down (in the chair) and demonstrate? (fart) That means you're probably gonna hang on for the ride of your life because that's a wrong answer and you will be eliminated from the game! We'll keep answering questions until we have two contestants remaining." - Jeff Sutphen

"(insert two contestants/families), you are moving on to the knockout round!" - Jeff Sutphen

"Knockout Round." - Random Man

"Behind those numbers is images from the story I told you about/you just heard. Match a pair correctly and you stay in the game. I'm gonna/Let's give you guys ten seconds to memorize the board. Your ten seconds starts now!" - Jeff Sutphen (before the knockout round)

"(insert contestant), we'll start with you. What's your first number?"" - Jeff Sutphen (to start the knockout round)

"We are currently in sudden death territory. If one of you can get this answer right, you will move on to the bonus/third round."

"(insert name), you are today's BrainSurge/Family BrainSurge Champion! You will be moving on to play for thousands of dollars and prizes! Plus a sliming from head to toe." - Jeff Sutphen

"(insert losing contestant/family), you played a great game, but you know what has to happen. Have a seat and hang on!" - Jeff Sutphen

"Let's see what the other three contestants/families won for making it this far!" - Jeff Sutphen

"Jeff: There's only one way out of here, and that is (down)... AUDIENCE & JEFF: THE BRAIN DRAIN!" - Jeff Sutphen and audience before any eliminated contestants/families slide down the Brain Drain

"Jeff: (contestant names), ready?”

"When we come back, we'll see if (insert contestant/family) can find the path to victory on Level 3: THE FINAL STAGE! Don't go anywhere!" - Jeff Sutphen (final commercial break spiel)

“Welcome back to BrainSurge/Family BrainSurge! Congratulations to (contestant's/family's name). He/She/They has/had completed the first two levels, okay your about to play the final stage where you can win (insert prizes)! Plus, a sliming that you'll never gonna forget."

"Level 3: The Final Stage." - Random Man

"This level's got three parts, it's your job to memorize the pattern on the floor in front and stepping on the right squares, were going to start you with a 4x4, then 5x5 and 6x6. Your going to stop the clock on that red button. Complete paths in 90 seconds and here's what you (or audience member) can win." - Jeff (when explaining the grid in the final stage)

"Complete the 4x4, an win (insert prize)! Complete the 5x5, and win (insert prize)! Complete the 6x6, and win (insert grand prize)!" - Erin/John

"90 seconds on the clock! Here is your first path! (insert path sequence) You'll see it twice/Let's show it again! (repeat path sequence) The clock won't start until you make your first move/step! Good luck! Ready? Go!" - Jeff Sutphen before the 4x4

"STOP THE CLOCK!" - Jeff Sutphen (to remind the contestant to step on the red button to stop the clock)

"Now here's the 5x5! (insert path sequence) You're gonna see it again! (repeat path sequence) You have (insert remaining time) left. Remember, the clock won't start until you make your first move/step! Whenever you're ready, go!" - Jeff Sutphen before the 5x5

"Oh, that's wrong! Come back and look again! (insert path sequence)" - Jeff Sutphen if the contestant steps on the wrong square

"Now here's the 6x6! (insert path sequence) Take a look! (insert path sequence) Remember, you're gonna see it twice! (repeat path sequence). You have (insert remaining time) left. Go to it!" - Jeff Sutphen before the 6x6

"Yes! You got it all! You got (insert prizes), and you're getting slimed!" - Jeff Sutphen (if someone wins the final round)

"Oh, time's up! Come on over! Well, you/you guys didn't get the grand prize, but you still got (insert prizes). But guess what, even though you don't get slimed, you're gonna go down the Brain Drain! Why don't you/you guys head on over and I'll meet you there!" - Jeff Sutphen (if someone loses the final round)

Tagline[edit | edit source]

"That's all the time we have for BrainSurge/Family BrainSurge today! Tune us next time, where we'll have six new brainiacs/five new brainiac families go head, to head, to head, to head, to head, to head. Only on BrainSurge/Family BrainSurge, thanks for watching Mayfield, New York! (Bye/see ya!) (Alright (insert contestant/family), come on down! Here he/she comes/they come!)" - Jeff Sutphen (2009-2014)

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