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Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Danielle Harris
Tatyana M. Ali
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NBC Saturday Mornings: 7/10/1993 – 10/16/1993
NBC Productions

"From the backlot of Universal Studios in Hollywood, California its time for BRAINS & BRAWN! With your host Mark-Paul Gosselaar & co-host Danielle Harris/Tatyana M. Ali. The show that pits two teams against each other in a head-on collision of both mind & body."

This version of Brains & Brawn (or B&B in abbreviation) was a Q & A/stunt-oriented game show for teens.


Two teams of three teen players (consisting of two contestants & one celebrity captain) competed in a series of events for big prizes. All events focused on their minds and their bodies.

The First Five Events[]

In the first five events, teams scored points according to how successful they were.

  • 2-Minute DrillNot to be confused with the equally short-lived game show that ran on ESPN from 2000 to 2001 of the same name, It was named so because the round lasted for two minutes. In this round, each contestant stood at their own podium. Host Gosselaar asked a series of multiple choice questions. Each of the six players locked in their answers and earned 10 points for their team for correct responses.
  • Slamball – One player hit balls within 30 seconds, trying to score 10 points for each goal knocked through the basket, while a member of the opposing team tried to block their shots.
  • Shoot to Kill – This event tested the players' basketball skills. In 30 seconds, two players tried to shoot free throws while a member of the opposing team tried to block their shots. Each basket was worth 10 points, and both teams got a chance to play.
  • Oddity – Each team faced an identical game board, with ten rows of three items. In each row there was one item called an "Oddity", items that did not belong. The team had 60 seconds to move the "Oddities" into the center column. Each correct oddity was worth 20 points.
  • Volleyball - Both teams played a different kind of volleyball game: each team was connected by bungee cords, and the net was a solid trip of fabric so neither team could see the ball on the other side. Each score was worth 20 points to the teams.

Obstacle Course[]

In the final event, both team ran through the Obstacle Course for the match. The team in the lead was given a head start of one second for every 10 points they were ahead.

Here are the obstacles involved in this course:

  1. Tire Run
  2. Fire Escape Ladder
  3. Sliding down into a air cushion
  4. Crossing a balance beam to a zip line
  5. A ride in a three-seater pedal-driven buggy towards the finish line

The first team to cross the finish line won the competition and the prizes.


Scott Gale
Rich Earnes

Taping Location[]

Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA


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