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Bud Collyer
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Name: Clayton "Bud" Collyer
Born: June 18, 1908
Died: September 8, 1969
Place of death: Greenwich, CT
Occupation: Host, Radio Personality
Years active: 1940-1969
Known for: Voicing Superman & hosting Beat the Clock

Clayton Johnson Heermance, Jr. (b. June 18, 1908 - d. September 8, 1969), better known as Bud Collyer, was an American television game show host. He began his career on the radio, where he became famous as the original voice of Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent. He also voiced Superman in the 1940s cartoons. In the late 1940s, he began hosting television game shows such as Winner Take All and the original Break the Bank. Collyer achieved his greatest fame in the 1950s as the host of two long-running game shows: Beat the Clock (1950-1961) and To Tell the Truth (1956-1968). Collyer's other game show credits include the short-lived series Feather Your Nest and Number Please.

Collyer died in Greenwich, Connecticut, due to a circulatory ailment on September 8, 1969. His death was the same day that To Tell the Truth relaunched in syndication with host Garry Moore.

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