Budweiser Presents The Big Time.png
ABC: 1/21/2012 – 3/3/2012
Leroy and Morton Productions
FremantleMedia International

Bud United Presents: The Big Time also known as Budweiser Presents: The Big Time) was a seven-episode series features young adults from across the globe fulfilling their dreams from racing professional racecar driver and suiting up for a global soccer powerhouse to pitching for a professional baseball team, taking center stage at a major music concert and creating culinary masterpieces with world-class chefs.


In each episode, three different young adults competed against each other in a series of challenges under the watchful eyes of two mentors as they vied for the grand prize which was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill their dreams by performing on the world's biggest stages.


The series was marketed as the world's first social-reality series because individuals from all over the world had the opportunity to be selected for the global show by submitting application via social media websites.

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