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Buena Fortuna was a short-lived Spanish-language show on Telemundo. Contestants would participate in a series of physical challenges to win prizes.

The winning contestants participate in an elimination round similar to "Simon Says" where they have to repeat what the host does without messing up.

The last remaining player would play the steps of fortune where they would descend stairs for a chance of winning up to $32,000 if they pick the correct step. The steps include "Duplica" (Duplicate) which doubled the player's money, "Divide" (Divide) which halved the contestants money, "Igual" (Equal) which no change would be made, "Premio" (Prize) where a small prize is won, and the last step had a space where they could win $500.


Telemundo: 2007


Rodrigo Vidal


Based on the show of the same name from Argentina.


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The title translates as Good Fortune


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