Bill Goldberg
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Spike: March 13 to May 15, 2007
Speed Channel: February 19, 2009 to April 2010

Bullrun was a racing game show based on the trans-American Bullrun of the same name.


12 teams competed in these series of races. They would have to race each other but they have to not use any electronics, no speeding, and have to encounter pretty serious obstacles. Sometimes teams had to either choose "My Way" or the "Highway". Race by race, teams would be eliminated because of making stops, not following the rules, or wasting valuable time on the race. Also, teams would choose time bonus cards to extend their time. The card times would range from 45-90 minutes extra time. Whoever wins the races will be crowned champion and would get a cash prize that's worth $200,000.


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  • Bullrun is alternatively called "Bullrun: One Helluva Ride!"
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