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Title Genre
Cab Calloway's Quizzicale Radio
Caesars Challenge Puzzle, General Knowledge
Cake Masters Reality (Food)
Cake Wars Reality (Food)
Cakealikes Food
Calando Fuerte Variety
Call-in Café Interactive
Call My Bluff Panel, Word Game
Calling All Detectives Radio
Camouflage Puzzle
Camp Nick Childerens
Camp Reality Reality
Can Do Celebrity
Can You Duet Reality (Music)
Can You Tell? Panel, Comedy
Can You Top This? Radio, Panel Game
Candy Crush Video Games
Candy Land Reality (Food)
Cannonball Run 2001: Race Across America Reality
Capture Reality
Car Warriors Reality
Car Wars with Funkmaster Flex Reality
Caraoke Showdown Music
Card Sharks Cards, Gambling, Surveys
The Carnation Family Party Radio, Variety
Caroline & Friends Comedy, Variety
Cash and Carry Quiz, Shopping, Stunts & Dares
Cash Cab Quiz, General Knowledge
Cash Explosion Lottery, Regional (Ohio)
Cash Lift Quiz, General Knowledge, Spinoffs
Cash Tornado Lottery
Casino Gambling
The Casino Game Gambling
Cat-Minster Animals
Catch It Keep It (Reality) Technological
Catch Me if You Can Radio, Quiz, General Knowledge
Catch Phrase Puzzle
Catch 21 Quiz, General Knowledge, Gambling, Cards
Catching Kelce Reality (Dating)
Caught in the Act Disambiguations
CBS Television Quiz Quiz, General Knowledge
Cedric's Barber Battle Reality
Celebracadabra Reality (Variety)
CelebriDate Dating
Celebrity Big Brother Reality, Spinoff
Celebrity Billiards Sports
Celebrity Blackjack Cards, Blackjack, Gambling
Celebrity Boot Camp Spinoff
Celebrity Bowling Sports
Celebrity Boxing Sports
Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes Reality
Celebrity Charades Stunts & Dares
Celebrity Circus Variety
Celebrity Cooking Showdown Cooking
Celebrity Countdown Pilot
Celebrity Daredevils Live Special
The Celebrity Dating Game
Celebrity Double Dare Stunts & Dares
Celebrity Doubletalk Phrase
Celebrity Duets Reality (Music)
Celebrity Escape Room Stunts & Dares, Pilot
Celebrity Family Feud Spinoff
Celebrity Fit Club Reality
Celebrity Food Fight Special
The Celebrity Game Trivia
Celebrity Game Face
Celebrity Golf Sports
Celebrity Inc. Special
Celebrity Lanes Bowling
The Celebrity Look-Alike Show Reality, Special
Celebrity Name Game Trivia, Board Game Conversation
Celebrity Poker Showdown Poker
Celebrity Pool Sports
Celebrity Rap Superstar Reality (Music)
Celebrity Says! Quiz, Themed (Celebrities)
Celebrity Show-Off Variety
Celebrity Sweepstakes Comedy
Celebrity Table Tennis Sports
Celebrity Tennis Sports
Celebrity Time Panel Game
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Spinoff
Chain Letter Word Game
Chain Letters Unsold Pilot
Chain Reaction Puzzle
Chains of Love Dating
The Chair Quiz, General Knowledge
The Challenge
Challenge of the Child Geniuses Childrens
The Challengers (1)
The Challengers (2) Quiz, General Knowledge, Current Events
The Chamber Quiz, General Knowledge
Championship Bowling Bowling
Chance for Romance Dating
Chance of a Lifetime Music
Change of Heart Dating
Change Partners Bizarre
Charade Quiz Charades
Charlie Daniels' Talent Roundup
Charm School Reality
Chase Reality
The Chase Quiz, General Knowledge
The Chase: Trackdown Pilot
The Cheap Show Comedy
Chef Academy Cooking
Chef Hunter Cooking
Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S. Cooking
Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell Cooking
Chefs vs. City Cooking
Cherries Wild Slots, Reality
Child Genius Childrens
Child Support Family Game
Child's Play Family Game
The Choice Dating
The Choice Is Yours
Choose Up Sides (1) Radio
Choose Up Sides (2) Childrens
Chopped Reality
Chopped Junior Childrens
Chopped Sweets Realty
The Chopping Block Cooking
The Christmas Caroler Challenge Holiday, Reality (Music)
Christmas Cookie Challenge Food
Cinderella, Inc. Radio
The Circle
City Smarts Quiz, Academic, Regional (New York)
Claim to Fame (1) Panel Game, Regional (California)
Claim to Fame (2) Reality
Clash Quiz, General Knowledge
Clash of the Choirs Reality (Music)
Clash of the Grandmas Cooking
The ClassH-Room Quiz, General Knowledge, Regional (Pennsylvania)
Classic Concentration Puzzle
Classic Concentration II Puzzle
The Cliché Club Radio
Click Childrens, Quiz, General Knowledge
Club A.M. Poker
CMT's Next Superstar Reality (Music)
The CNN Quiz Show Quiz, Themed
Cold Turkey Reality
College Bowl Quiz, Academic
College Mad House Stunts & Dares
Combat Missions Action & Adventure
Combination Lock Puzzle
Come Closer Comedy
Come Dine with Me Lifestyle
Comedy Club Comedy
Comedy Colosseum Comedy
Comedy Courtroom Comedy
Comedy Knockout Comedy
Comedy of Errors Radio
Coming to the Stage Variety
Common Knowledge Quiz, General Knowledge
Compete to Eat Food
The Complex: Malibu Reality
Concentration Puzzle
The Confidence Game Quiz, General Knowledge
Connecticut Challenge Quiz, Academic, Regional (Connecticut)
Conquer Fort Boyard Action and Adventure
The Contender Reality
Contraption Childrens
Control Remoto Quiz, Themed (Popular Culture), Regional (Puerto Rico)
Conveyor Belt of Love Special
Cook Your Ass Off Cooking
Cooked with Cannabis Cooking
Cookie Wars Cooking
Cooking on High Cooking
Cooking Under Fire Cooking
Cooks vs. Cons Cooking
Cop-Out! Lying
COPS: The Game Show Themed Quiz, Stunts & Dares
Copycat (1) Charades, Regional (California)
Copycat (2) Reality (Music)
Coronet Quick Quiz Radio
Correction, Please Radio
Cosplay Melee Reality
Couch Potatoes Quiz, Themed (Television)
The Cougar Dating
The Courtship Dating
Could Be Radio
Countdown (1) Music
Countdown (2) Puzzle
County Fair Variety
Coupled Dating
The Couples Race
Cover Story Documentary
Cover Wars Music
Cowboy U Reality
Craft Corner Deathmatch Reality
Craft Wars Reality
Cram Quiz, General Knowledge
Crash Course Stunts & Dares
Critical Decisions (1) Pilot
Critical Decisions (2) Puzzle
The Cross-Wits Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Quiz Radio
Crowd Rules Reality
Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants Reality
Crush Dating
The Cube
Culinary Genius Cooking
Cupcake Championship Food
Cupcake Wars Food
Cupid Dating
Curl Girls Reality
The Customer is Always Right? Reality
The Cut (1) Music
The Cut (2) Fashion
Cutthroat Kitchen Cooking