Calling All Detectives is said to be the earliest form of mystery-based quiz shows.

Broadcast[edit | edit source]

Mutual Radio (Weekly): 4/7/1945 – 8/25/1945
Syndication: 1947? – 1950?

Host[edit | edit source]

Vincent Pelletier as "Robin" (Network Run)
Paul Barnes as "Dectective Jerry Browning" (Syndicated Run)

Format[edit | edit source]

In the network version, listeners were selected from cards that they sent to the show. When the mystery reached its climax, local announcers would call their listeners, and listeners who solved the mystery received prizes. At the end of the local segment, the participants rejoined the network for the end of the story.

In the syndicated version, Barnes did all the characters, only assisted by a sound effects technician. A melodrama was enacted, and then Barnes (in his "Browning" persona) would call a number at random from his telephone book, and quiz a listener on the aspects of the show.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The original Mutual version was a half-hour show, while the syndicated version was a quarter-hour show.

The stories were prerecorded, and syndicated to other affiliates.

Recording Location[edit | edit source]

Chicago, IL

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