Carnie Wilson
Carnie wilson unstapled
GSN: 1/24/2010-3/11/2010
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Carnie Wilson: Unstapled was another short-lived reality show that focuses on the life of singer and first host of the GSN revival of The Newlywed Game Carnie Wilson. as viewers get to see some of the struggles she encounters as a game show hostess, entertainer, a wife, mother and her goal for losing weight.


As mentioned above, the show focuses on the life of Carnie Wilson (daughter of Brian Wilson, founder of The Beach Boys) and former singer of 1990s music group Wilson-Phillips as it takes place at Carnie's residence in the Los Angeles area and viewers see some of the struggles she encounters as a game show hostess, entertainer, wife of Rob Bonfiglio and mother of two children (Lola and Luci). Wilson reveals on the show that she has been overweight since the age of four and focuses on her goal for losing weight.

Lyrics to Hold On parody promo for GSN (Sung by Carnie Wilson)Edit

Somedays my life, my job, my kids
Make me wanna cry!
Until then, baby
I'm just gonna have to have another piece of pie!
Don't you know?
Clothes are tight!
It's alright!
Will I get some tonight?
Can I hold on for one more day,
Things might go my way.
Will I get through this day?

Theme Song Lyrics (Sung by Rob Bonfiglio)Edit

You gotta play
If you wanna win
You gotta seize the day
You gotta let love in
Nothing will hold you
Nothing will hold you down
Nothing will hold you down!


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  • The "Unstapled" part in the title of the show refers to Wilson's gastric bypass surgery, which mostly involves stomach stapling.
  • Former WCW star Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) is featured on the show as Wilson's personal trainer and fitness guru.
  • Carnie Wilson's diet program called "The Fresh Diet" is referenced on the show, for which she is currently on the gourmet meal delivery program. Currently, she is the spokesperson for the program. In addition, she got fired from being the spokesperson of the program in the same year because of "not losing enough weight".
  • Carnie Wilson: Unstapled is the second short-lived reality show that focuses on a particular GSN personality and ran for six episodes; the first one of that nature was Chuck Woolery: Naturally Stoned in 2003.


GSN's Carnie Wilson: Unstapled Promo
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