These are shows that were made for broadcast on the USA Network. Additionally, back in the 80s and 90s, the network had their own afternoon block of game show reruns which include: The Gong Show (Barris), Make Me Laugh, Bullseye, The Joker's Wild (Cullen & Finn), Jackpot (Darrow), All-Star Blitz, Anything for Money, Chain Reaction, Let's Make a Deal (Hall), Play the Percentages, Hot Potato, Press Your Luck, Sale of the Century (Perry), Tic Tac Dough (Martindale & Wayne), High Rollers (Martindale), The $25,000 & $100,000 Pyramid (Clark), Name That Tune (Lange), Face the Music, Couch Potatoes, Hollywood Squares (Davidson), Wipeout, Win, Lose or Draw, Scrabble, American Gladiators, Talk About, Caesar's Challenge and Love Connection (Woolery)

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