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Jim Peck
Bob Clayton
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Unsold Pilot for ABC: 11/10/1975
Bob Stewart Productions

CLAYTON: “The name of the game is Caught in the Act! And these are the 5 celebrities who’ll try not to get caught. Anne Meara!

ANNE: “Hi, Jerry Stiller! How are you?”

CLAYTON: “Bill Cullen!”

BILL: “Hi, Jerry!”

CLAYTON: “Anita Gillette!”

ANITA: “Hi’ya, Jerry! How are you? (laughs)“

CLAYTON: “Clifton Davis!”

CLIFTON: ”Solomon was too, you know.”

CLAYTON: “And Stephanie Braxton!”

STEPHANIE: “Hello, world.”

CLAYTON: “Ladies and gentlemen, here is your host, Jim Peck!”

Caught in the Act was a game where players try to catch celebrities in the act by getting the clue they are giving.

This is an article for the 1975 pilot. for the 1979 pilot, see Caught in the Act (2).


Two contestants competed in a game where they try to catch celebrities who led them to the identity of a person, place or thing.

Main Game[]

Host Peck gave a starting phrase (Ex: Places that are…), and then the correct answer was shown to the celebrities & the home viewers (Ex: …Restaurant). The celebrities in turn gave outrageous clues about the subject. As soon as a player knew it, he/she could buzz-in. If that player was correct, he/she captured the last celebrity to give a clue. If a contestant captured a celebrity that was already captured by the other contestant, the captured celebrity went over to the buzz-in player. Upon a capture, the player's mark appeared in front of that celebrity (either a bow or an arrow), and that captured celebrity's name appeared in front of the contestant. The first contestant to capture three celebrities won the game.

Bonus Game[]

The winning contestant used the three captured celebrities to play the bonus game. Four answers appeared in front of the players (one for each player), and the players received their answers (also known as "Secrets") via wallets. Each secret linked to another. One at a time, each player asked yes or no questions to the next player in line in an attempt to guess that player's secret (except for the first, which was given for free). Each time a secret was guessed, the contestant won $250. If the team could guess all three answers in 60 seconds, the winning contestant won $1,000; but if they could get all three in 30 seconds, the grand prize was upped to $5,000.


Bob Cobert

The main theme was later used in another Bob Stewart pilot called The Riddlers, and later used again in TV's Funniest Game Show Moments, the ABC special about the wild moments ever to be shown on Goodson-Todman game shows.