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Jack Clark
Don Pardo
Unsold Pilot for NBC: 10/23/1967
Bob Stewart Productions

Celebrity Doubletalk was an unsold game show pilot that's considered to be the earliest prototype of the Pyramid franchise. It was considered more of an anti-Pyramid.

Featured Celebrities[]

Betsy Palmer
Bill Cullen
Florence Henderson
Darrin McGavin


Two teams of three (consisting of two celebrities and one contestant) competed in this pilot. The contestant actually sat on the end rather than in the center.

One team would give a series of items that fit a certain category and the other team would try to guess what the category is. So the strategy here, is to give clues that are more obscure than obvious. Guessing the correct subject scored a point for the opposing team, while an incorrect guess scored a point for the clue giving team. Three points won the game and a prize for the contestant.

In the bonus game, the winning team was given a category and (unlike Pyramid and other clue giving shows) each member of the winning team had to come up with an item that fits the category on the spot (since they weren't actually be given any items by the producers) and try to get the next player in line to say it by describing it. One celebrity would think of an answer, and then describe the answer to the next player as fast and as best as possible, short of saying any part of the answer. Once the receiver gave the right the answer, he/she would do the same for the next player in line. After that next player gave the answer, then the process would be reversed. They kept going on like that for 60 seconds with each item worth $20 to the contestant.


NBC Studios, New York City, NY


"Brasilia" by Herb Alpert


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