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Trey Farley
Sci-Fi Channel: 11/11/2008 – 12/16/2008
ABC Media Productions
Fuji Television

Opening narration:

"Ten players: The Runners, trapped within the real life video game (preyed upon), dropped into the virtual game board. Their only goal: Survive. Standing in their way, elite predators: The Hunters, trained to seek and destroy. Get ready, get set, Go! In this game, staying alive is not easy. Players must complete missions designed to test their nerves, and earn themselves valuable utilities to fight off the Hunters. In this game, players earn $1,000 for each minute they stay alive. One must survive for 60 minutes, locate a secret exit, and escape first to win up to $50,000; the rest get nothing. It could be the fastest, the smartest, or the luckiest to win. But trust me, all of them would feel what its like to be hunted. I'm Trey Farley, and this is my game, the world's first live-action video game. Welcome to Chase!"

Chase (stylized as Cha$e and not to be confused with The Chase) was based on a Japanese format called "Run for Money Tosochuu"; this stressful and short-lived series featured contestants earning winnings for each minute they could stay alive. This is not to be confused with The Chase.


A group of contestants were pitted against each other in an effort to win a cash prize while being stalked by "Hunters".


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The show was a mid-season replacement for the 2004 rebooted series Battlestar Galatica.

Cram's Berglind Icey plays as one of the hunters on the show named Hunter Icey.

This show aired around the same time as Estate of Panic.


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