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Competing Chefs
Aaron Sanchez & Chris Cosentino
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Food Network: 8/7/2009-8/27/2010
Pie Town Productions

Chefs vs. City was a short-lived reality series in which two chefs named Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino travel to different cities of the U.S. in order to challenge to a variety of food-related challenges.


In each episode, takes place in a heavily populated city in the United States. featuring two teams of Food Network chefs (Sanchez & Costentino) along with the two chefs from the featured city. At the beginning of the show, each contestant receives a backpack with certain instruments that they'll use during the contest and a dossier with information on their first stop. Each team is given a Ford Expedition to move around the city as they try to reach each stop ahead of the other team.

At each stop, both teams have to complete a certain food-related task before they receive a new dossier and advance to the next contest. Examples of tasks already featured were:

  • Eat a Whole serving of extreme spicy dish or a large dish.
  • Sampling and separating products.
  • Cooking or preparing dishes.

After the final contest, the contestants have to race through a finish line together to win.

Changes from Season 1 and 2[]

During season 1, the competitors would have to run to the finish line. But in season 2, they would drive to the finish line then run. and the directions on the signs at the challenges got shorter. The first five season 2 episodes featured Chris and Aaron against fellow Food Network stars, who acted as the "City" representatives.


  • Chris and Aaron have a win-loss record of 14-6.
  • In 2010, Chris Costentino wrote on his twitter page "Chefs vs. City has been cancelled! Thanks for all the support enjoy the reruns".
  • In 2014, Costentino gave a talk about how he regretted participating in the series.


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