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FOX Primetime: 2/21/2021-present
Interrobang Entertainment

"This is one of the largest slot machines in the world, it's over three stories tall and it's filled with cash. Tonight's team will play two rounds of trivia...then pull the handle. If they get five wild cherries on the reels, they win $250,000. This is CHERRIES WILD! And here's your host, Jason Biggs!"

Cherries Wild is the new FOX game show based on slots ala The Joker's Wild, this is also the second game show to use the soda brand (i.e. Pepsi).

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

One team faces a giant slot machine and answers pop culture questions in order to win up to $250,000.

Question Rounds[edit | edit source]

In the question rounds, the team is racing to earn spins to the slot machine and/or money. They do that by answering pop culture questions which appear on the machine. They also stand before five big soda cans with big buttons on them; each one corresponds to the reel across from it. They'll be using them, to lock in their answers. For each correct answer, one of the reels will land on a dollar amount, to be put in what's called "The Cash Stash", a free spin space, a "Wild Moment" space or a Wild Cherry, putting them one step closer to the $250,000. But if they get a question wrong, the reel will land on a red "X" and they don't score for that question.

Round 1: Fact or Fiction[edit | edit source]

The team is shown five statements. They must decide quickly whether each statement is true or false.

Round 2: One Big Question[edit | edit source]

Prior to the show, the team was given a choice of two categories. The team is then asked a single question and five items. Each item has five possible answers, and one of them matches with the item. It's the team's job to choose the reel with the correct answer. Making five correct matches earns a free cherry.

Wild Moment[edit | edit source]

The Wild Moment is s special bonus round for more cash in the Cash Stash and free spins.

When it appears during the question rounds, it temporarily halts the main game and gives the team a chance to use the big soda cans for more cash in the Cash Stash and free spins.

When three Wild Moment symbols appear in the final round, it halts the end game and gives the team a chance to pull the lever for more cash in the Cash Stash and free spins.

Payday[edit | edit source]

This is the heart of the show; this is where the team will try to spin their way to a fortune. Every team gets one free spin to start; they also get one for every Free Spin space they land on. Any Wild Cherries earned throughout the game are carried into the endgame, and are placed on the reels prior to the round.

The team will take as many spins as they want to, to win as much money as they can. They start with the Free Spins and then when they're used up, then they can decide to use their cash stash to buy more spins, with each one worth $10,000.

Each reel contains Wild Cherries, big cash prizes, Wild Moments, and Double spots. Spinning a Double doubles the total of the money on the other reels. But also there are still red "X"s on there; when even one Red "X" appear, they get no money for that spin.

After each spin, the team can decide to either cash out or risk it all for another spin. However, if the team spin a total of five Wild Cherries, the team wins $250,000.

Mobile App[edit | edit source]

Each week, viewers at home can participate in their own version of the show during two distinct moments through the app, specifically:

  • CHERRIES "Wild Moments!": Five spinning reels will appear on viewers' apps as the "Wild Moments!" happens on television, and viewers can pull their own virtual handle on the mini version of TV's biggest slot machine. If the reels match exactly with the reels of the contestants on the show, they'll win exactly what is won in the show each week thanks to Pepsi Wild Cherry.
  • Trivia Rush: The game continues during the commercial break! Consumers will simultaneously compete in a timed sequence to answer different trivia questions for the opportunity to win $2,500 each, with one winner in the East/Central time zone airing and one winner in the Pacific time zone airing.
  • Instant Wins at Retail: Fans across the country can try their luck at winning instant prizes by using the CHERRIES WILD app to scan unique QR codes on specially marked 12 .oz 12 packs and 20 .oz bottles of Pepsi Wild Cherry, Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry and Pepsi Zero Sugar Wild Cherry available at retailers nationwide.
  • Hit the Slots: In addition to the evergreen multiplayer pop culture trivia games, the CHERRIES WILD app has a virtual slot machine for fans to pull whenever they are feeling lucky!

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End-of-Show Disclaimers[edit | edit source]

"Prior to Round Two, contestant teams were given a choice between two predetermined question categories off-camera."

"The program does not use a real "slot machine". Each spin in a particular game is the product of a game play combination that is determined in advance by the program's producer. On each tape day, an independent outside compliance company randomly assigns those predetermined combinations to the contestant teams taping that day. At least one (1) of the contestant teams on each tape day will receive a combination that has the potential to lead to the Grand Prize if the game is successfully played to its conclusion. At no point in the game do contestants put their own money at risk."

Music[edit | edit source]

Vanacore Music, Inc.

[edit | edit source]

Pepsi Wild Cherry

Inventor[edit | edit source]

Wes Kauble

Studio[edit | edit source]

Television City, Hollywood, CA

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Despite going solo, this was the second game show hosted by Biggs his first was My Partner Knows Best with his wife Jenny Mollen on Lifetime in 2018.

Cherries Wild was originally supposed to start on Valentine's Day (February 14), but due to the delay of Daytona 500 because of bad weather, this and the rest of the Sunday night schedule was pushed to the following week.

The teams don't actually control the reels; each show's spins are pre-determined by the producer, and an independent firm assigns the spins to a specific taping. At least one team has a chance to win $250,000.

As mentioned above, this is the second game show to use the soda brand, the first was Pepsi's Play for a Billion hosted by Drew Carey on the now-defunct The WB network in 2003 then Damon Wayans on ABC in 2004.

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