Billy Kimball
Dave Levin
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Ha!: 5/1/1990 – 3/31/1991
Comedy Central: 4/1/1991 – 12/28/1991
Four Cats Productions

"Stay tuned as in...(insert team) collide with...(insert team) on CLASH! Now here's your host, Billy Kimball!"

Clash was a weird quiz show where two teams faced off against each other based on their jobs, religion, etc.


The series was presented in an absurdist quiz show format in which two teams of three players each competed for prizes. Contestants were selected based on criteria such as occupation, ethnicity, religion, etc. and each team would represent one half of a rivalry. For example, an episode might pit nudists against fashion designers, librarians against noisy people, or vegetarians against butchers. Some rivalries were altered for comedic effect, such as "Cowboys vs. Indians" in which the Indians were people from India.

Main Game

The game was played in three rounds as follows:

The First Two Rounds

The teams were shown a board of four categories. Each category contained four questions. Any contestant could attempt to answer. A correct answer awarded points with no penalty for a wrong answer. A wrong answer meant a member of the opposing team would have a chance to steal the points for themselves. After each question, the last contestant to give the correct answer would choose the next category. Also after each question, the bottom-most square above the chosen category would change. For deadballs, it would change to "HUH?", and for correct answers it would change to a piece of the team's name.

Round 1

In round one, each question was worth 10 points.

At some point in the round each team can call for a "Whiz Quiz". Billy would ask a series of questions associated with the team for the duration of 20 seconds. Questions were still worth 10 points but if the team in control could answer five questions correctly, their score doubles and they win a prize. Failure in doing that still kept the points scored, but won a cheap prize.

Round 2

In round two, the value of the questions doubled to 20 points. And if one team answered all the questions in the category correctly, they score a 50 point bonus.

Also, one of the questions was replaced with a bizarre stunt of sorts called "The Grudge Match", in which one player from each team would take part. The team whose player completed it first scored the points.

Round 3

Kimball asked three questions whose values increased as follows:

  • Question 1 – 50 points
  • Question 2 – 100 points
  • Question 3 – 150 points

Unlike the first two rounds, if a contestant gave an incorrect answer, the value of the question would be deducted from their score.

The team with the highest score won the game, a prize, and advanced to the bonus round.

Bonus Round: The Oval of Odds

The contestant who scored the most points for their team would spin a wheel with six categories on it. If the contestant could give the correct answer, their team won an additional prize. Five of the categories had questions that were extremely difficult ("What is the third word on the thirty-third page of the third book from the right on the third shelf of the third cabinet from the left in the Clash library?"), while the sixth category had a question that was extremely easy ("What did you have for breakfast this morning?" or "How are you?").


Carter Burwell

Taping Location

New York City, NY


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Billy Kimball co-hosted the HA! TV Comedy Network World Premiere Program Afterdrive.

Clash would eventually be revived as another Comedy Central game show, Vs..

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