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Jim McKrell
Sheryl Bernstein
Howard Stevens
Unsold Pilot for ABC: 2/23/1986
Lin Bolen Productions

Comedy Club was an unsold game show about comedy.


The game involved two players, assisted by the comedians in solving word puzzles.

Round 1[]

The first round saw one player asking to hear a story from a comedian after being given a prompting statement by Jim McKrell such as "it's hard to travel". The comedian's 30 second story would include one key word said twice. The player would then try to guess that word. If they guessed the word correctly, they then had a chance to try to guess what the words in the puzzle had in common for 10 points. If they were unable to guess the word, the opposing player had a chance to guess both the word and the puzzle for 5 points. Each player played this round once.

Round 2: Double or Nothing[]

The next round was worth 20 points. This time, both players played the puzzle simultaneously, alternating the comedian selection and the guessing. Since there are no other rounds, all that mattered was winning this round since the maximum awarded in the previous round was 15. The winner got a chance to play in the bonus game. The loser got $100 and an escort off the stage by assistant Bernstein.

Bonus Round[]

The winning contestant moved onto the comedy stage and had 60 seconds to say ten words in a story with a leading line given by host McKrell. Each word was worth $100, and all 10 was worth $10,000.

After the bonus game, Brad Garrett played a small audience game where he gave a short comedy routine and gave somebody in the audience $100.


Comedy Club at The Game Show Pilot Light