Richard Blais
Keri Glassman
Cook Your Ass Off Intertitle
HLN: 12/1/2013-3/16/2014
Jane Street Entertainment

Cook Your Ass Off was a short-lived reality cooking competition series that features three chefs compete in a series of elimination culinary challenges as they transform favorite daily indulgencies into lean and delicious meals all-the-while vying for a $50,000 grand prize.


In each one-hour episode, three chef contestants are introduced to a person with a health struggle and then the chefs are tasked with changing the person's favorite dishes into nutritious meals. After each challenges, a panel of three judges (nutritionist Keri Glassman, a guest judge and often the person with the health issue) evaluate the dishes based on taste creativity and nutrition, eliminating one contestant each time until only one chef remains. The winning contestant gets to work with the person by continuing to change the way that person eats. In the preliminary rounds, each episodes winner advances to the semifinals, where chefs compete for a spot in the finals and a chance to take home $50,000 by winning the three-round competition.


Host Richard Blais was a contestant from Top Chef All-Stars.
This series was one of three shows to debut on HLN's primetime block as part of Turner's new multi-platform health and wellness entertainment brand called upwave "Live Life on the Up". The two others were The Tim Ferriss Experiment and The Dose with Dr. Billy.


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