Jack Bailey
Jack Barry
Peter Donald
Win Elliott
Bert Parks
Substitute Hosts
Keefe Brasselle
Danny Dayton
Pat Harrington Jr.
Larry Keating
Dan "Danny" Seymour
Lee Vines
Kenny Williams
Blue Network (Weekly): 7/10/1945 – 11/27/1945
CBS Radio (Weekly): 12/8/1945 – 5/1/1950
NBC Daytime: 9/22/1958 – 9/25/1959
Gale-Gernannt Productions

County Fair was a short-lived daytime game show filled with music and variety.


An entire studio was converted into a carnival-like setting for this audience participation show. The host was the "fairground impresario", and the announcer was the Barker.

The studio resembled a theater-in-the-round. The contestants competed in various stunts, skits, games, and contests. They would find everything, from a dart game, to apple-ucking and a wheel of fortune. One of the regular stunts in the television version was called "Punch Your Way Out of a Paper Bag". In this stunt contestants and guest celebrities tried to punch their way out of an eight-foot-high paper bag, with success awarding a jackpot prize (this was only accomplished twice in the show's whole run).

On the April 7, 1959 episode, contestant Manfred Weber was burned when a firecracker exploded in his lap and he was covered in flour, which ignited.[1]

Taping Location

New York City, NY


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